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Understanding Liver Fluke

Cows Feeding

The aim of the unit is to support learners to identify targeted treatments for liverfluke in sheep and cattle to improve health and welfare, reduce potential resistance to treatments and potentially increase profitability within a linked supply chain.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the life cycle of liverfluke and the consequences of herd/flock infection.

–          State the functions of the liver.

–          Give the symptoms and effects of liverfluke.

–          State the lifecycle of liverfluke

–          Identify the conditions in which liverfluke can occur.

  • Understand potential treatment options for all stages of the liverfluke parasite.

–          Give examples of potential treatments that can be used to treat the three stages.

–          Be able to administer treatment for liverfluke.

–          Select and calibrate equipment to administer treatment for liverfluke.

–          Select the heaviest animal to establish optimum dosing level.

–          Handle stock into a pen.

–          Use the correct process to administer a dose of liverfluke treatment

–          Carry out procedures with due regard to health and safety of self and others.

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