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Practical Calving

CNV00057_0Trainees will learn how to minimise calving problems by planned management of cows before and during calving.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand pre-calving management to improve calf viability, including nutrition and vaccination.  Know target body condition scores for calving and how to achieve these targets
  • Know how to provide a good calving environment, especially for housed cattle.   Know target stocking densities
  • Provide good handling facilities for animals with difficult births or caesareans
  • Know what action should be taken if abortions or stillbirths occur.  Understand the importance of isolation facilities
  • Understand the benefits of trace element monitoring in the pre-calving period
  • Know the options for colostrum supplementation and the risks of sourcing colostrum from another farm
  • Be prepared for dystocia and know when to call the veterinary surgeon
  • Understand heifer management to reduce dystocia, including target mating weight and EBV or sires used on heifers

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