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May / June 2014


Feeding and Nutrition

At FarmSkills we know a thing or two about bovine nutrition.  We have workshops covering everything from basic grazing management to feeding high yielding dairy cows and specialist calf diets.

As well as sound theoretical knowledge, our workshops are delivered on farm by local vets, meaning that a FarmSkills workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to implement changes to your own farm straight away.

Our Introduction to Bovine Nutrition workshop covers the basics of anatomy & physiology of bovine nutrition, giving farmers a platform for developing practical feed management back on farm.

The workshop also covers –

  • Forages and common feedstuffs
  • Grazing management – theory and practical
  • Cow signals
  • Feeding the dry cow
  • Feeding the fresh cow
  • Feeding the high yielding cow
  • Minerals Trace elements and supplements

At the end of the workshop trainees will be able to –

  • List the key features of bovine digestive anatomy (rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum, small intestine, large intestine)
  • List the main factors affecting VFI
  • Describe the basic physiological processes of ruminant digestion and metabolism.
  • Saliva production – rumination
  • CHO digestion and VFA production and absorption
  • Basic Krebs outline
  • Protein digestion and MCP production
  • Fat metabolism

Our more specific Feeding the High Yielding Dairy Cow workshop teaches farmers the principles behind designing and delivering a good diet to high yielding cows, including –

  • Calculating the nutritional requirements of the high yielding cow.
  • Design diets to
  • Maximise DMI
  • Promote rumen health
  • Optimise energy intake
  • Maximise production
  • Manipulate milk composition

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