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Lameness in Sheep

Sheep Footcare 1The workshop covers the most common causes of lameness in sheep, their identification, treatment and prevention.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe normal ovine locomotion
  • Recognise lameness
  • List the key features of ovine foot anatomy
  • Relate these to key aspects of physiology
  • Understand the theory of foot trimming
  • Safely restrain a sheep for examination and trimming of feet.
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of foot trimming practically
  • Recognise the causes of foot lameness in sheep (Foot rot, Ovine Digital Dermatitis, Strawberry Foot rot)
  • Describe the aetiology of foot lameness in sheep
  • Describe the appropriate trimming techniques and other treatments for the common causes of foot lameness in sheep
  • Describe the preventative methods for reducing lameness incidence in sheep

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