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Environmental Mastitis


Trainees will be able to name the principle environmental mastitis pathogens, the basic epidemiology of these infections and the key areas of control.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define mastitis
  • Be able to recognise mastitis/use a CMT
  • List the main bovine mammary gland defences against mastitis – Anatomical, immunological and physical
  • Name the principle environmental mastitis pathogens, S. Uberis, E. coli
  • Calculate the economic cost of mastitis
  • Appreciate the welfare cost of mastitis
  • Describe the basic epidemiology of environmental mastitis – Milking time infections / Inter – milking infections / Dry period infections
  • Describe the impact of environmental conditions on mastitis rates with respect to: Ventilation/humidity, Bedding type and quality, Stocking rate, Dry off management.
  • Name the critical control points of environmental mastitis control: Reducing environmental challenge / Optimising immune function / Milking machine and routine / Dry cow therapy.

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