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Lizzie MilesTrainees will be able to discuss the regulations governing AI in the UK and describe the theory of safe semen handling and AI technique.

They will be able to carry out correct AI technique using abattoir specimens or models before progressing onto be able to safely perform AI in live cows to DEFRA approved standards.

Learning outcomes:

• Know the legislation governing AI in the UK
• Describe the structure and function of a semen storage flask
• Carry out safe handling and maintenance of a semen storage flask
• Practice safe and correct semen handling technique
• Learn the two stage theory of AI technique
• Identify key anatomical features outlined in Fertility Module 1 on an abattoir specimen or model
• Prepare and load a 25cc AI gun
• Using correct technique, pass the AI gun through the cervix of the specimen or model and relate this to the AI theory
• Accurately identify anatomical landmarks relevant to AI by manual palpation
• Gain practical experience of the techniques covered in AI theory
• Achieve a level of competence with AI technique DEFRA certified by the instructor

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