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AHDB DIY A.I Funding

**For a second time running, FarmSkills have been awarded DIY A.I funding**

AHDB have awarded FarmSkills funding for beef suckler farmers to attend a DIY A.I workshop in either the North East, West Midlands or South West.

To attend a funded A.I course you must meet the below criteria;

  • Own or work full time on a suckler farm in England,
  • Have a minimum of 30 breeding females,
  • Are gaining certification for non-commercial use,

Also for this round of funding any Agricultural students are eligible to attend a funded course!

Any student who wishes to apply for the funding must meet the below criteria;

  • You must be a final year student,
  • You must be going to work full time on an eligible suckler farm.

If you meet the above requirements please download and complete this short application form and return it to to be approved.

FarmSkills DIY AI

Find out what James Shouler, who attended one of our A.I courses in the last round of funding, had to say about his experience and how it has helped his farm going forward. You can watch the video below.

DIY AI for suckler beef production learning outcomes;

  • Understand how DIY AI can be used to enhance fertility outcomes in beef suckler farms, including its links to EBV’s
  • Know the legislation governing AI in the UK
  • Describe the structure and function of a semen storage flask
  • Carry out safe handling and maintenance of a semen storage flask
  • Practice safe and correct semen handling technique
  • Identify key anatomical features outlined in Fertility Module 1 on an abattoir specimen or model
  • Prepare and load a 25cc and 50cc AI gun
  • Using correct technique, pass the AI gun through the cervix of the specimen or model and relate this to the AI theory
  • Accurately identify anatomical landmarks relevant to AI by manual palpation
  • Gain practical experience of the techniques covered in AI theory
  • Achieve a level of competence with AI technique DEFRA certified by the instructor

DON’T MISS OUT – To find a course in your area please click HERE

If you would like to enrol onto a DIY AI course and receive the funding please call FarmSkills on 01228 711 788 today.

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