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Lameness and Foot Trimming (1 Day)

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Price: £102.00

Learning Outcomes

  • Lesion recognition – are we speaking the same language?
  • What are the causes lameness?
  • How do I trim? – What equipment do I need and how do I do it safely?
  • How do I trim? – Technique: “The 5-Step Dutch Method"
  • Practical: Trimming feet

Additional Info

Cost (inc. VAT): £102.00
Trainer: TBA
Date: 5 Feb 2020
Start Time: 09.30
Duration: 4 Hours
Address: Brownhill Farm, Tarbolton, Ayrshire

Please note: delegates withdrawing from the course within 3 working days will be charged 60% of the total fee.
Failure to turn up on the day of the workshop without prior warning will be charged at the full amount.