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Cattle Fertility

Lucy Gill pic5Delegates will be able to describe normal bovine oestrus cycles and the steps involved in the establishment of pregnancy and relate this to anatomy, physiology and reproductive behaviour.  They will gain knowledge of the events from insemination to birth and know the basic procedures involved in care of the parturient cow and calf.  Critically evaluate herd reproductive efficiency.

Categorise the major causes of infertility and the areas relating to their control.  Understand the basic aetiology and risk factors for the major infectious diseases and implement effective control plans.

Learning outcomes:

  • Name the key features of female bovine reproductive anatomy
  • Know the two phases of the oestrus cycle.
  • Name the two major, normal ovarian structures present during each phase and the hormones produced by these structures
  • Know the behavioural signs of oestrus and how this relates to the oestrus cycle
  • Understand the relationship between timing of insemination and reproductive success
  • Understand the steps involved in establishment of pregnancy
  • Appreciate the development of the foetus in each trimester of pregnancy
  • Know the three stages of labour
  • Recognise the different presentations of dystocia
  • Understand how and when to assist a calving cow / heifer
  • Be able to keep and maintain the necessary equipment for assisted delivery
  • Undertake an ABC assessment of the neo-natal calf and provide care and first aid
  • Understand the various measures of fertility which are available
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the different measures
  • Analyse the reproductive efficiency of a dairy herd
  • Identify potential causes of poor reproductive performance
  • Define, list the key etiological factors and understand how the following diseases are detected and treated:
  • Understand the key areas of prevention

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