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Calf Rearing – Birth to Weaning

CNV00061_0Trainees will be able to plan and prepare for successful heifer production, conduct basic first aid in the neo-natal calf and provide appropriate management to ensure maximum survival rates.

Learning outcomes:

  • Produce a plan from birth to calving
  • Assess the body condition of the dam
  • Know how best to set up and run a calving system
  • Evaluate a calf’s ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
  • List the major roles of colostrum: energy, warmth, laxative, passive transfer
  • Know the correct amount and time frame for colostrum intake
  • Know how to administer supplementary colostrum safely
  • Appreciate that colostrum does not need to clot in the abomasum in the same way as milk

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